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Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj , पुखराज

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What is Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraj (पुखराज ) Stone?

Yellow Sapphire also known as Pukhraj is an attractive stone of light yellow color. Pukhraj is a highly precious yellow colored gemstone of the Corundum mineral family. It also considered being one of the most auspicious and beneficial stones out of all the Navratnas according to Hindu scriptures.

Widely known as ‘Pukhraj’ stone, or Push Raja (in Sanskrit) and Peetmani, this stone holds an extraordinary place in the world of astrology. The wearer of this stone gets benefited with lots of positive energy. The individual wearing a yellow sapphire get helped with the knowledge of law, ethics, wit, wisdom, a pleasure of getting issues, worldly happiness.


Benefits of Pukhraj Gemstone

The Pukhraj Stone is believed to hold and rule the powers of the planet Jupiter. As Jupiter is the heaviest planet in the solar system, and because of that it imparts unique powers to Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) over other precious stones. With respect to its characteristics, there are so many advantages of Yellow Sapphire.

Benefits of relationships:

The Pukhraj or Yellow sapphire gemstone protects its owner from sudden dangers and accidental death during traveling. It also spread love and warmth around and enhances friendship and harmony.

  1. Invites Success: Pukhraj stone gives clarity of thoughts and supports effective decision making. It also brings success and prosperity in business when you place it in your office or workspace. Pukhraj is synonymous with knowledge and power. The yellow sapphire gemstone gives great advantages to writers, traders, businessmen, and lawyers.
  2. Heals health: People looking for relief from stomach and kidney problem receive healing after wearing a Yellow sapphire. It remarkably heals diseases of gall bladder, liver, and spleen. Pukhraj also gives a positive effect on the immune system.
  3. Calms Mind: Pukhraj brings mental peace and helps in calming down the anger. It also releases tension and stress. The Yellow sapphire can also be used during meditation to increase the concentration and to connect with higher self and find fulfillment.
  4. Invite positive energy: Pukhraj stone has excellent power to protect its wearer from negative influences and evil intentions. It wards off evil energy and makes the surrounding full of positive vibes so that the wearer can concentrate more and could live a happy life.
  5. Increases spirituality: All those who immensely believes in religious or spiritual work also gets benefit from yellow sapphire. As dharma (religion) is the domain of Jupiter, individuals who are seeking spiritual evolution may even get great benefit.

How to Wear Pukhraj?

It is always advised to wear Pukhraj in Gold metal only. It should be studded in a gold ring and worn on Thursday of Shukla paksha between 6 am to 8 am in the index finger of the right hand. If the age or wearer is below 23 then they should wear yellow sapphire up to only five ratti. But after the age of 23 one should wear yellow sapphire from five to seven ratti.

The Yellow Sapphire stone is related to planet Jupiter so while wearing this chant “OM GURUVE NAMAHA” mantra 108 times.

Who can wear Pukhraj?

If the individual is a Sagittarius or a Pisces ascendant, he/she readily achieves Yellow Sapphire’s benefits. Other than Pisces and Sagittarius this stone brings great good luck and benefits to other stones also. It showers protection and grace to cancer ascendants and enhances well-being, prosperity, and fecundity for Aries ascendants.