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Hessonite Gomed ( गोमेद )

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According to the Vedic System, Gomed is considered one of the most powerful among the nine primary gems or ratnas. It is a semi precious gemstone also called as Gomedh or Gomedak in Sanskrit and Hessonite Garnet or Cinnamon Stone in the English Language.

We at Rohini Nakshatra Jewels brings you a variety of gomed stones in different quality, weights and price range. 100% Natural Gomed stone price in India starts from Rs. 1100 per carats. It has numerous benefits, success in lawsuits being one of its most influential benefits. It is best for Kaalsarp yoga or Sarp Yoga. Wear it in a silver ring in the middle finger of working hand to gain increased wealth, clarity & confidence within you.

Hessonite Garnet, or Gomed Birthstone or Ratna calms Rahu into a restful state and quell’s Rahu’s anger. Rahu is known as ‘Head of Dragon’ since ancient time, and it directly influences one’s health, wealth and prosperity.

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What is Gomed Stone or Hessonite Stone?

Gomed Stone is a kind of Grossular Garnet which is rich in iron and manganese. Hessonite stone originates from calcium aluminium silicate, and it is usually found in honey-coloured to a yellow-orange colour. The name Hessonite comes from the ancient Greek word Esson, meaning inferior, because of the stone’s low density and hardness, compared to other kinds of garnet.

According to Indian astrology, Hessonite stone was named as Gomed. This gemstone is the stone of planet Rahu which is also responsible for all types of delays or very late fulfilment of goals.

Benefits Of Gomed Stone

This powerful stone has many benefits on a physical, emotional and psychological level. Gomed Stone is one of the mighty stone; the colour of the Gomed is one of the coldest hues of cosmic rays, it is essential to understand the top benefits of the original gomed stone.

  • Nullifies Kaal Sarp Dosh
    As the planet, Rahu rules over the gemstone Gomed. This stone is especially useful for those who have sarpa dosha. If the gemstone is suitable for such a native, then, there is miraculous and immediate cure from all symptoms of the snake curse.
  • Provide Peace Of Mind
    The Gomed Stone is very beneficial in curing the confusion of mind. It helps in developing clarity of mind in natives. As planet Rahu is malefic, individuals with the dominance of Rahu may face a lack of confidence, but wearing this stone the effect of this can be diminished. Gomed stone gives balance in temperament and a certain mental peace level.
  • Good Health
    Gomed stone has the characteristic to cure individual with Sarpa dosh and other doshas resulting from the position of Rahu in the birth chart. Also, it helps in curing a deadly and incurable disease.
  • Helps In Wealth
    With the benefit of health, Hessonite Stone helps in gaining wealth also. If an individual is involved in politics or any public commissions, then this stone might bring more luck to him/her. It will invite more wealth, power as well as influence in these fields and will help in carrier growth.
  • Protection from evil energy
    Some of the natives suffer due to malignant eye syndrome. This means that they are influenced by negative energy. By wearing an original gomed stone could protect such individuals against the harmful and unwanted powers.
  • Restores confidence
    The Hessonite stone aids to help people against negativity in life. This stone has a strong influence and regains the faith in any individual.

How to wear a Gomed Stone?

Planet Rahu rules gomed hence it gives magical benefits to the wearer. One can wear this gemstone in his/her middle finger as it represents the planet Saturn or Shani Dev and also Rahu portrays similar effects. It can be worn as a ring or as a talisman to avail its benefit over the time. Before wearing this stone purify your stone. For purification and activation Gomed, first dip your Hessonite ring in honey, Gangajal or milk for 10-20 minutes for energising the gem and chant prescribed mantra ऊँरांराहवेनम: while following this process.

Who can wear Gomed Stone?

Gomed is linked and ruled with planet Rahu, so it is suggested to be worn by the people with an Aquarius Zodiac sign. Hessonite in referred to as the birthstone of January.It is also advised to wear this stone in silver, and one should always avoid Gold & Panchdhatu. Always consult your astrologer before wearing for significant benefits.

Gomed Stone Price Rs. 5 per carats to 2000 Rs. per carats in India

In India, the price of gomed stone starts from Rs. 5 and go upto Rs. 2000 per carats. Like most of the other precious gemstones, the quality of the gomed stone is determined by Four C’s namely Cut, Clarity, Color & Carat Weight

Ideal Gomed
An ideal gomed which is best for the astrological purpose should be natural, translucent, or can be with slight inclusions, of Gomutra Color, with faceted cut, originated from Srilanka Mines. It should be a perfect combination of color and clarity. Neither Too Dark, Neither too Light.

Clarity of Gomed or Hessonite Stone

Gomed with high clarity is considered to be the best for astrological purposes so that the rays can pass through them quickly.

Transparent gomed ranges from Rs. 300 per carats to Rs. 1200 per carats in India
Translucent or Semi-Transparent gomed ranges from Rs. 50 per carats to Rs. 150 per carats
Opaque gomed ranges from Rs. 5 per carats to Rs. 50 per carats

It has Four Types of Inclusions.

  1. VVS Inclusion – Almost 100% Transparent gomed stone with no inclusions
  2. VS Inclusion Inclusion cant be seen from naked eyes, though microscopic inclusions can be seen from 10X glass
  3. SI:- Slight Inclusion can be seen from Naked Eyes if carefully observed
  4. Eye Purity:- The inclusions can be easily seen from naked eyes.

Since years, astrologers have recommended wearing a SI gomed due to its easy availability and affordable price of gomed. Gomed with VVS & VS inclusions is considered to be the rarest of the rare gemstone making them highly precious and costliest.

Hessonite Stone Colour:-

Gomed with Gomutra color is considered to be the useful color.

Perfect Cut of Hessonite

Faceted gomed are heavily used for astrological purposes which are available mostly in Round, Oval and Cushion Shape. Hessonite from Ceylon Srilanka mines has a perfect faceted cut which allows maximum light to pass through.

Origin Source of Gomed is also a crucial factor:- The gomed from Ceylon mines Srilanka is most effective and thus costlier than gomed from other mines.