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100% Natural Gemstones that helps to get peace of mind, improve your health, wealth and finances. Browse exclusive range of Precious Gemstones

Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज) (32)

Blue Sapphire, Neelam (नीलम) (18)

Emerald Stone (पन्ना) (84)

Hessonite Gomed (गोमेद) (15)

Diamond Jewellery (83)

Yellow Sapphire (पुखराज)

Natural Emeralds (पन्ना )

1.48 Carats Emerald


₹ 132000 per carat

1.85 Carats Emerald


₹ 33600 per carat

1.93 Carats Emerald


₹ 108000 per carat

11.1 Carats Emerald


₹ 9600 per carat

11.86 Carats Emerald


₹ 48000 per carat

2.05 Carats Emerald


₹ 14400 per carat

2.05 Carats Emerald


₹ 90000 per carat

2.15 Carats Emerald


₹ 10800 per carat

2.2 Carats Emerald


₹ 48000 per carat

2.31 Carats Emerald


₹ 15000 per carat

Explore wide range of Hessonite (गोमेद )

Stylish Design & Latest Collection of Diamond Jewellery with Precious Gems

We are dealing with the customer of all over the world; being the pioneers and leading supplier of precious and semiprecious gemstones and jewelry having the pleasure of providing 100% natural gemstones (Birthstone/Rashi Ratan) & original jewellery. Working for the last three decades, over 32+ years, we have learned that the World is full of diversity , means having different choices and preferences for individuals needs. We are in a market segment, in which ‘One Size Fits All’ can never be an option. Every individual has its own demand and requirements. Our qualitative, natural, authentic and diverse collection of gemstone includes thousands of top-quality precious and semi-precious gemstones available in various color tones, shapes, and weight ( Carats & Ratti ) to meet the varied requirements of our customers.

We at Rohini Nakshatra Jewels provide our customers a unique qualitative experience through our easy to use and explore web experience. We have more than ten-thousands of retail inventory in our shop & best selling gemstones & jewellery among them are continuously being listed on our website. We provide gems which are 100% natural and are certified from best labs in India. Being an authentic seller of gemstones, Rohini Nakshatra Jewels follows an inflexible procedure in the selection & certification of its gems and jewellery collection. We support and believe in fair trading, in order to provide consistent transparency on prices. Providing real-time visibility is our prime motto; so a customer can track the order right from the order placement to manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch. To make your purchase easy and hassle free we have a wide range of fast and reliable shipment options for our customers for different international and national locations. Though we believe in ourself and have the utmost confidence in our products that gemstones by Rohini Nakshatra Jewels are 100% effective and original, we understand the concerns of returns while shopping online. So we provide an easy return policy in a case when you are not satisfied with our services. We happily accept your returns and makes your purchasing easy.

At Rohini Nakshatra Jewels we take the responsibility of authenticity. Every single gemstone from our inventory can have a gem certificate issued by prestigious and authorized gem testing laboratories. By providing you certified gemstones, we assure you the quality and benefit of the gemstone. According to astrology, only pure and natural gemstone can diminish the negative energies. And to check the authenticity of the gemstone our expertise experienced team ensures the quality of every stone in our inventory.